Friday, October 21, 2005

A Juror Identity Theft Case

An interesting item just showed up on the NCSC Jur-E bulletin:

"A very resourceful man in NY County (Manhattan) designed his own juror qualification questionnaire. He mailed them out to select affluent zip codes in Manhattan using the telephone directory. People responded to a PO box that he opened returnable to The Questionnaire Processing Center (we do not have such a Center). He even provided envelopes. When he received responses, he then mailed the responders out a Juror Proof of Identity Form. Citing that NY State was asking for personal information in order to protect their identity. This form asked for Social Security number, outstanding loans, credit card information, employer name and mother's maiden name. From those who responded to that form he was now armed with enough information to wipe out several bank accounts. He was caught via a stakeout of the PO Box. He received 2 ½ to 5 years."

If he'd managed all this from a foreign country without extradition, he'd be enjoying his stolen money today.

Remember, boyz and girlz, it's just like Nancy Reagan used to say: when asked for personal or financial information, whether by a real or an ersatz government official, a phisher, or a pollster, JUST SAY NO.


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