Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jurygeek Lives: Yard Dies

For those of you who have asked, Jurygeek and his family went through Hurricane Rita unscathed. We taped the windows in our home, took the art off the walls and put the art pieces high off the ground on shelves, put tarps over the television and stereo, etc. Then we endured a brutal 14 hour, 150 mile drive to Austin, where we spent far too much money on hotels, gasoline, and meals. Then we returned home to find that Rita didn't even drop enough water on our house to keep the yard alive.

Better safe than sorry.

On another jury-free note, I have been forced to put a word-verification into the comments to keep the spammers out. Jurygeek does not endorse any dating services or magic shows and does not claim any expertise in silicosis. Comments containing links to sites concerning such items do not belong on this Blawg, thank you very much.


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